Tired of fitting your research needs into a non-custom product? No problem! We have assembled a team of software developers, UX specialists, graphic designers and project managers working in concert to create what you need. Starting with user inquiry and high-fidelity design prototypes, we code, test, and iterate until a final product is ready to be launched. With a robust development ‘stack’ (PHP, Laravel, Mariadb) and hosting services through Lineberger Bioinformatics Group, we build secure and dependable products. Our expertise includes pulling from multiple data sources (including wearables and sensors), tailored messaging via text, email, or app notifications, and tying it all together with a polished, branded look to meet your research goals.


  • Delivered web-based tailored text messages and feedback based on participants’ Fitbit activity data and personalized goals

  • Created an administrative portal for researchers to create and test their own feedback and text messaging rules, create lesson content, enroll participants, and download study data

Results: A seamless web and mobile health intervention promoting physical activity in young-adult cancer survivors, allowing both participants and researchers to track physical activity progress.


  • Rewrote the existing open-source, customizable BevBits into an iPad app to use in a series of studies

  • Designed to easily view, customize, and export data in a research setting

  • Developed custom engine logic and features to explore specific differentiated research questions

Results: A high performance system that samples user touches and renders graphics at 5000 frames per second with .01 millisecond precision


  • Synced participant Fitbit activity tracker and Aria scale data

  • Incorporated push notifications that use Geofencing location data and micro-randomizations to send tailored messages

  • Created a color-coded “Food Log” with a searchable database, adjustable portion sizes, and user-friendly interface

  • Allowed researchers to download app data, tweak intervention messages, and monitor progress

Results: A native iOS mobile app for the study, Nudge, which aims to determine facilitators and barriers to adopting self-weighing and wearable activity trackers and to evaluate the effects of message manipulations delivered in responses to lapses in daily activities among young adults